Wrongful Convictions Why They Happen, With Rufus Rochelle

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Malicious Prosecution of the innocent Rufus Rochelle YouTube

Wrongful Convictions Why They Happen, 32 years for Rufus Rochelle Post 2

Wrongful Convictions Why They Happen, 32 years for Rufus Rochelle Post 2

Rufus Rochelle is a man convicted of a crime he did not commit. He spent 32 years behind bars for that conviction. During that time, he witnessed a great deal of the inhumane conditions that too many inmates across America face. But the biggest challenge of his life was to face a wrongful conviction for a drug-dealing offense at a local university.

Wrongful Convictions
Wrongful Convictions – push-ups behind bars

He carefully points out from witnessing behind bars just how many inmates are actually drug-addicted, and in severe need of mental rehabilitation in a “What Is Adversity” scenario. He also points out the actual type of drugs that these inmates somehow get their hands on.

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Wrongful convictions – The biggest challenge

Wrongful convictions and why they happen is one of the biggest challenges in the criminal justice system today in America. It’s estimated that 20% of the inmate population within the United States is innocent of the crimes they supposedly committed. Here are some of the Typical Misconceptions people have about wrongful convictions.

  • Everyone in prison always Say “I’m innocent”.

The truth is up to 20% of inmates behind bars are actually innocent of the crimes they supposedly have committed. However, it is estimated that the number of innocent people behind bars can actually reach as high as 50%. Guess how many of them are black?

  • People who live Recklessly are the ones charged with crimes they claim they didn’t commit.

While there are definitely people out there who harbor the criminal element, most people live their lives contrary to breaking the law. Most people simply want to get on with their lives without doing anything to attract legal or illegal trouble to it.

The problem is too many people judging you based on your appearance. The amazing thing is that people like this actually believe that they are some sort of excellent judge of character.

  • People who were exonerated must have done something Illegal in the first place.

The vast majority of people are not living their lives looking for opportunities to commit crime. And you really can’t attach a gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race, to the equation.

No matter how much people think that black people are prone to criminal activity, the factual statistics prove that both white and black people commit the same crimes at nearly the same rates.

  • Exoneration proves that the justice system works.

The truth is that exonerations prove just the opposite. It proves just how badly fractured and broken the criminal justice system really is. And it shows that relying upon the judgment of so-called fair-handed tactics of men is highly undependable.

  • This can’t happen to me.

20% of the US prison population are innocent of the crimes they were convicted. This means is that almost 1 million inmates are innocent. And many of them pled guilty through forced confessions.

It has been believed that false accusations and wrongful convictions are part of inconsistencies in the American justice system. It should also be unacceptable why a suspect would plead guilty to a crime he/she didn’t actually commit.

What is Adversity

Wrongful convictions – The Facts

However, through recent research here are the top reasons why wrongful convictions happen.

  1. Poor Eye Witnesses – This is one of the main reasons why wrongful convictions happen. Eyewitnesses have faulty memory, which results in convicting innocent people. Police use illegal tactics to manipulate eyewitnesses in the targeting of an innocent suspect. And some police use composite sketches which match the alleged suspect’s photo.
  2. Worthless Science – Using theoretical hoaxes, tampered DNA, unqualified testimony of non-experts, evidence tampering, and withholding of evidence all points to a fraudulent and inaccurate trial.
  3. Government Corruption – police and prosecutors are often guilty of misconduct. Police investigators often pick an innocent person at just so they have one. They also use underhanded, dirty tactics to force worthless confessions. Prosecutors allow false testimonies and inaccurate evidence to compel a guilty plea. Tal about what is adversity!
  4. Terrible defense Lawyers – This refers to corrupt lawyers who do nothing for a case. Contrary to what many people believe, the reality is that both public and private attorneys are guilty of corruption. They don’t perform thorough investigations, they don’t check the validity of witnesses, they don’t perform adequate cross-examinations, and their lackluster skills are totally unimpressive during court trials.
  5. False Confessions – This is caused by forcing mentally challenged witnesses to give out false confessions due to police torture and bribery.
  6. Snitching – With this tactic, police officers search the prison system itself for snitches willing to implicate suspects in exchange for a sentence reduction.
Wrongful Convictions

And this list does not include falsifying evidence, planting evidence, falsifying reports, witness tampering, threats by police to the suspects’ loved ones, warrantless searches, and more. This is why Overturning wrongful convictions require the plaintiff and the civil rights attorney to undergo a lengthy process of civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings.

Plus, filing for compensation requires a separate civil action. However, If the prosecution is found guilty of misconduct, then the plaintiff will not only be granted exoneration but compensation for all the damages, physical and emotional suffering, and lost wages.

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Voices of the innocence who are locked up in prisons for a crime they did not commit. Read and share your thoughts.

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