The Differential Association Theory, And Domestic Genocide

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The Differential Association Theory, And Domestic Genocide

What would you do if you had to choose between death in the hood, or incarceration? What if you faced a strain theory through high unemployment and social deviance behavior through a Differential Association Theory? What if you found yourself facing life without parole over self-defense?

What would you do? This differential association theory real-life examples and more are discussed in the book “Domestic Genocide”. A book that chronicles oppressive local, state, and federal systems designed to act as a social control theory against the African-American populace.

And Terrorist organizations like the KKK and the police enforce a convict code. In the book Domestic Genocide, the author traces his journey from his birth in Wewoka Oklahoma to his current incarceration. It’s summarized in four sections.

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Differential Association Theory four sections

Humble Beginnings – Here we learn of where he was born and raised, what he learned, the poor decisions of his mother, the tragedy of his father, and the discovery of an affluent neighboring African American town.

Boley Oklahoma The REAL Black Wall Street – here we learn of the REAL Black Wall Street which was Boley Oklahoma instead of Tulsa Oklahoma.

Modern Day Slavery And The Differential Association Theory – Here we learn how a conviction without compromise of high unemployment gave rise to a Wewoka of poverty, gangs, drugs, and social deviance so common amongst the poor that the bad choices of the African-American populace were forced.

No Honor Amongst Thieves – here is where you discover that a life of crime Under a convict code of like-minded individuals always leads to a devastating outcome.

Final thoughts – here you will see some of the toughest questions that young African-Americans are forced to make in a world of desperation. And how all of this constitutes a differential association theory of youth crime.

Differential Association Theory

Differential association theory Humble Beginnings

Wewoka, Seminole County, Oklahoma Is a small town with a population of just over 3000. The name We-Wo-Ka – meaning “Barking Water” was given to it because of a steady rush of water over nearby falls. This is where the author of “Domestic Genocide” was born.

Learning Self-sufficiency through farming and fishing, he developed an independence that served him well in his youth. But a painful reality of high unemployment forced his mother, a well-educated woman In her own right, into A life of drug dealing and drug addiction to survive.

His father was half Native American and half African-American. Unfortunately, he was murdered by his best friend over a woman when he was 2 years old. His father lived in an affluent African-American town called Boley Oklahoma.

Boley Oklahoma The REAL Black Wall Street

Differential Association Theory

Differential association theory in Boley Oklahoma

There he saw firsthand the unprecedented levels of African-American progress, culture, and commerce. Most people think of African-American progress as Black Wall Street which was Tulsa, Oklahoma. But Boley Oklahoma was actually the “nexus” of true black progress in the early 1900s.

Boley Oklahoma is where the first black bank and university originated. And according to records obtained from the African American archives at the Smithsonian institution, Boley also had the first railroad and train system, the first local phone system, and many local businesses teeming with commerce.

Differential Association Theory

Modern Day Slavery And The Differential Association Theory

However, due to a terrorizing practice of systematic oppression from the KKK, Jim Crow laws, eminent domain, the 1949 housing act, Just to name a few, Boley Oklahoma became a shadow of its former self. Wewoka Oklahoma became a ghost town of high unemployment, crime, drugs, and social deviance.

And the Differential Association Theory caused most to run with the wrong crowd selling drugs and hustling for living under a carefully constructed social control theory.  However, the KKK is an American white supremacist hate group dedicated to targeting African Americans, Jews, leftists, and anyone else they did not deem worthy of being what they considered pure white Americans.

Jim Crow laws were state and local laws enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white-dominated Southern Democratic state legislatures. This disenfranchised And denied political and economic gains for black people during the Reconstruction period. These Jim Crow laws were enforced until 1965 at the height of the civil rights movement.

No Honor Amongst Thieves

Running with criminal activity in Wewoka, you will quickly discover that there is no honor amongst thieves. And upon deciding to abandon the thug life, your associates will find your decision unacceptable and force you to face your most difficult decision ever. The choice between death in the hood or incarceration.

This is what’s known today as the Catch-22. Too many young black males in crime-ridden ghettos across America find themselves facing this decision. They often run with the wrong crowd, involve themselves in the wrong illegal activities, and finally find themselves facing off against emotional and mentally disturbed members of their groups.

I often refer to this Catch-22 as a critical crossroads in life. In my own experience, I was involved with a deadly neighbor who bludgeons me with a knife on the left side of my body. Of course, I went to the police to report, it knowing that I could have easily put my life in even further jeopardy dealing with this homicidal serial killer.

So I took the decision to do something that I have never done in my entire life. I made the decision to arm myself. My intentions were to exact my own revenge at the barrel of a handgun. But being that I’m a rational person, I stopped for a moment to think about this.

Differential Association Theory and the catch-22

It was at this moment that I realized that I was now facing my own Catch-22. I had finally come face-to-face with my own crossroads in life. I was now facing the same decision that the author of the domestic genocide was facing. And that decision was life by incarceration from self-defense or death in the hood.

This is what too many young black males are facing every day in America. As for me, I recognized what I was facing. No matter what decision I would have made in this scenario, I would’ve lost.

And I would have lost because I came to understand that this really is not so much about the violence in black communities as it is about a systemic racist system in place called the criminal justice system. A system Patiently waiting for young black males to face the same Catch-22.

Differential Association Theory and systemic oppression

If they pacify the situation by not fighting back, they face imminent death at the hands of homicidal serial killers. If they fight back in self-defense, wounding or worse killing the depraved perpetrator seeking to end his life, then they face life behind bars.

This is the very definition of systemic oppression. A system that not only denies political, economic advancement but forces you into an urban blight environment devoid of such opportunities. An environment that will basically have you fighting like savages over the scraps and bones that they politically and economically throw at you.

It’s important to note that this game board of systemic oppression doesn’t start and end in the ghetto. It goes well beyond the ghetto to a young black male’s first job. Where he will get his first taste of a racist’s hostile environment.

Differential Association Theory and devalue

An environment that devalues him as a criminal first and a human being second. If they ever see him as a human being, all. And he will be devalued even further when he steps out of his environment to go shopping for clothes, only to be followed around the store.

He will be devalued when he goes to a restaurant to eat only to find racists staring at him what he’s trying to eat his food. He will be devalued at a Starbucks restaurant as the police remove him via a secret caller hiding behind a 911 call.

Likewise, he will be devalued sitting in a hotel lobby on a phone call only to be put out by hotel security even though he rents a room there. He will be devalued for talk talking in a parking lot with associates of his peers by a Karen who believes he and his associates don’t belong there.

Final Thoughts

What would you do if you found yourself facing high unemployment in a fight for survival? Would you choose a life of crime to survive? If you knew that such activity through a Differential Association Theory would lead to a confrontation with death itself or incarceration which would you choose?

Could a better choice have been made to lead you on a different path away from such a life or death situation? And lastly, what if you discover that this is part of an American social control theory deliberately implemented against people like you all your life? These are the choices of social deviance many young African-American males face.

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