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Understanding what a suicide Emoji is

Dis you know that Suicide is a huge problem in the United States? Millions of people have died from it. A “suicide emoji” can help you identify them. Would you try to save a person’s life?

Suicide Emoji

What is a suicide emoji?

Do you know anyone who is suicidal, or needs someone to talk to because of suicidal thoughts? Have you seen a “suicide emoji“? You have? Well, you are not alone.

Many people go to those thoughts every year. You can judge a person or feel that person doesn’t have any problems. But that person keeps secrets that you will see with a suicide emoji.

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You can combat this crisis by looking out for a “suicide emoji“. A suicide emoji is a tool used on social media sites to alert others that someone may try suicide.

According to Wikipedia, suicide is the act of someone taking their own life. It highlights Mental disorders, which Include Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, personality disorders, and anxiety attacks.

Suicides are impulse acts due to stress, relationship problems, and bullying. Have You ever seen people suffer from these things? You probably already have.

Once you have seen people try to take their own lives, they will be the ones at risk for future attempts. If you want to stop them then you have to limit access to the methods they use.

You will see them use firearms, drugs, and poisons. And you will see that poverty plays a major role. However, “suicide emojis” play a very important role in discovering that in a person’s life.

Suicide Prevention Hotline


A study revealed that 1.9 percent of all deaths worldwide are by suicide. You will also see that the highest rate of suicide is by men. It happens in age ranges from 20 to over 70.

 Every year, millions of non-fatal suicide attempts are by people suffering from injury and long-term disabilities. You may have seen people like this.

 Mental disorders and substance abuse cause suicide. Other risk factors are family history, anxiety attacks, and low self-esteem. How many people have you met in your life who suffer from these things?

Suicide emoji
Suicide Emoji by Jeannette Davis

Suicide Prevention Hotline Tips

Did you know that a bigger problem with suicide is unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and discrimination? Well, you will see these things trigger suicidal thoughts.

Suicide emoji
Suicide Emoji

Health problems related to genetics account for between 40 and 55 percent of suicidal cases. Have you known people who looked down on themselves because they were too tall, or too short? Or had a history of heart or kidney problems in their families?

Physical health problems such as chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome, can trigger suicidal thoughts too. Did you know that the diagnosis of cancer doubles suicide through drugs and alcohol?

Suicide Emoji warnings

According to Author, Diane Wachowski, In the United States, suicide is not illegal but may trigger penalties for those who attempt it. Now you may find this a bit barbaric, but Suicide is legal in the state of Washington for people with terminal diseases.

American Suicide Statistics

Suicide Emoji Statistics

Warning Signs from Suicide Emoji

Suicide in signs

As we know from history, thoughts of suicide have caused emotions such as anger, disgust, sympathy, curiosity, and fear. Did you know that many of these responses are caused by social factors in a culture where suicide is attempted? You can also find them through a “Suicide Emoji“.

Health care systems have a difficult time viewing and discussing suicide cases. Can you discuss suicide with a healthcare provider? Have you ever thought about committing suicide?

The healthcare industry wants to save lives and promote health. They do not want to discuss suicides. And a “Suicide emoji” is a symbol used to describe attempted suicide.

Suicide emoji
“Suicide emoji”

If you are a male, you are three times more likely to commit suicide. If you are a female, you attempt suicide at a rate of 3.1 percent. 

In society, the highest values of life and death end in suicide with horror, shame, and antagonism. 

If you are a man you will use firearms or hanging. If you are a woman you will try overdosing, poisoning, or cutting. You will also see that men cant be rescued, but women can. Do you agree?

Suicides are attempted in all seasons. But, most happen in the summer and fall. Suicide has occurred in 10-15 percent of the general population.

So, how do you handle depression? People at high risk for suicide are the elderly, white Americans, alcoholics, and drug abusers.

The number of suicides in age ranges from 15 to 24 has been steadily increasing. Each individual has thoughts ready in mind. Ask yourself do you ever think of suicide?

Every suicide should be taken seriously. Even if the person has threatened several times in the past and never completed the act.

Suicide Emoji Warning Signs

  Suicide emoji

According to Nan Zastrow, the individual makes a fatal decision in a nanosecond. It just happens, for some reason unknown.

Here are the reasons:

  • A person who has taken his own life because of a devastating medical diagnosis
  • Financial difficulties that were overwhelming and impossible to fix led to suicide
  • A drug-addicted teenager accidentally took his own life
  • A criminal who was being pursued by police committed suicide
  • In an attempt to escape bullying, a child committed suicide
  • Military personnel who felt unable to cope with their circumstances

Suggestions for dealing with suicides

  Suicide emoji
  Suicide emoji

Here, Nan Zastrow, states there are several ways to deal with the aftermath of a suicide.

As long as you feel you need to, ask questions and seek answers. 

What are your plans? While only you and a few may want to know, it can ease guilt or anger with the loved one. While it’s not always possible to remove grief through answers, it is sometimes necessary to exhaust the human brain with a lot of analytical information when trying to comprehend why. The answer is not likely to satisfy in the long run.

If you know anyone, who has suicidal thoughts, get help immediately. Contact the suicidal hotline in your community or a professional counselor. The National Suicidal Hotline is 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433).


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