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Voices of Inmates


On ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ podcast hosted by Perry L. Duff and Co-host Jeannette Davis, the show interviews a few former inmates and a former Correction Officer to explain how they become victims of the Justice System by being sent to prison for a crime he/she did not do. Discussed how their case was handled, misled, lack of evidence, bribery, false witnesses, and a lot of snitching. 

According to the conversation with the former inmates, they talked about how the lawyers pretend to be interested in helping their case and tell the families that their loved ones’ prison sentence will be reduced to a shorter time and early release. The lawyers offer to help with a large fee. But, unfortunately, those dreams have failed. 

After these interviews, my host and I learned that Corruption Justice has greater than the penalty multiplied by the likelihood of being caught and prosecuted.

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In the 2017 survey study, the following factors have been attributed as causes of corruption:

  • The greed of money, 
  • Higher levels of market and political monopolization.
  • Low levels of democracy
  •  weak civil participation and low political transparency.
  • Higher levels of bureaucracy and inefficient administrative structures.
  • Low press freedom.
  • Low economic freedom.
  • Large ethnic divisions and high levels of in-group favoritism.
  • Gender inequality.
  • Poverty
  • Political instability.
  • Weak property rights.
  • Contagion from corrupt neighboring countries.
  • Low levels of educational commitment to society.
  • Extravagant family.
  • Unemployment

In 1994 the Crime bill not only increased the number and length of incarcerations, but more funding went into building jails and private prisons. Also, increased the amount of taxpayers’ money invested in enforcement and led to a disproportionate number of incarcerations among African-American men. 

The Prosecutors have incentives to send people to prison, and they can pick the charges they want to send someone to prison for, and who will become a ‘Victim of the System’.

We had a guest on the podcast named D.J. Vodicka, a former Correction Officer, and an Advocate, along with his Lawyer to discuss the behavior of other correction officers and staff toward inmates. The inmates were treated unfairly, beaten, and suffering from mental illness. The food given to the inmates was old, rotten, some foods had a bad smell. 

Any incident that occurs in the prison staff or correction officers ignore it and do not report it. 

D.J. Vodicka explained how he was the only one who wanted to take these matters to the attention of Warren or the media. He had become a Whisper Blower. D.J begins to get death threats from his co-workers. He was blamed for everything that goes on. D.J. developed emotional distress and was forced to leave his job. 

 In conclusion, the biggest consequences of the criminal justice system are the impact it has on minority communities with whole generations condemned to a vicious cycle of incarceration. It also aggravates social economic and racial inequalities.


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