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The Growing Trend of Restorative Justice

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What Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is a nationwide effort to increase awareness about sexual assault, educate communities and people on how to avoid sexually predatory behavior, and provide resources for survivors. It is usually observed in May. This is the month of their first National Sexual Assault Symposium and the first nationwide sexual assault survey since the Sexual Assault Awareness Act was passed into law in 1990. In this period, organizations around the country have to provide one sexual assault awareness program to each community and school complex that they function.

sexual assault awareness
Sexual assault awareness month

Sexual assault awareness – organizations

Every year, organizations may opt to specialize in sexual assault awareness month. This is great since it allows survivors who might not otherwise get out and speak about their experiences to be discovered and supported by others.

There are also support groups that enable survivors to share their stories openly with like-minded people.

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sexual assault awareness
Sexual assault awareness – sexy lady walk

Sexual assault prevention – Aims

The aims of Sexual Assault Awareness Month would be to enable the community, educate community members, and also increase the sense of sexual assault statistics by a race against girls and women nationally, and sexual assault statistics by gender.

Each year, thousands of fresh survivors from sexual assault statistics worldwide are attacked. However, as a result of the lack of resources for all these offenses, it is often not possible for survivors to record charges or hold perpetrators accountable. In reaction to this, the Department of Justice is currently devoting resources to work on increasing present statistics on reported sexual assaults and preventing future crimes from occurring. This will indicate the start of a brand-new prevention month.

sexual assault awareness
Man hold woman against the wall at home ready to beat up her in abuse violence aggression concept couple problems issue – family domestic domination couple and social issues for sexual assault

While it is easy to be shocked when you see headlines in the news about a public figure, or a neighbor, you can be certain he is not the only child molester out there .

Molestation headlines always make front-page news. When it happens in a major company, or to a public figure, or a neighbor, Public media goes into a frenzy calling for their heads.

Sexual assault awareness – Dealing with molestors

The key to dealing with molestation Was supposed to be about “the stranger.” Most children are trained to stay away from strangers. That they are bad people that you have to watch out for. The problem is that child molestation Happens amongst those we already know. From business owners to local politicians and even ministers in the church.

sexual assault awareness
Sexual assault awareness – creep

Sexual assault awareness – The creep

1 in 20 teenage boys and adult men are sexual predators. Even teenage girls and adult women are sexual molesters. This makes 1 out of every 15 Americans a molester or a victim of a Sexual predator.

In Abel and Harlow’s 1999 study of child molesters and their victims, the large number of victims of mental and emotional damage are now a national public health crisis.

The study analyzed the reports of approximately 4000 adults who confessed to Sexual victimizing children. The profile of These predators are married or divorced and cuts across all ethnic groups. This means that The primary target of these predators are people that they DO know. However, the primary source of child victimization is pedophilia.

Sexual assault awareness – molesation and pedophilia

Pedophilia is a disorder that starts in youth. Fantasizing plays a dominant role in the targeting of child victims. And the more that a person has been molested as a child The more victims suffer as adults.

Sexual assault awareness
Sexual assault awareness – Pedophilia

Sexual assault awareness – Pedophilia statistics

40% of molesters started before they Reached 15 years of age

70% of adult Predators claim heterosexuality as their sexual preference.

9% of such adult predators claim they are bisexual.

70% are married men with wives, while living with an adult partner

10% of the victims targeted are ones they don’t know

Pedophilia is a sexual drive disorder with children as the primary targets. It is a well-known problem amongst psychological/psychiatric professionals. And is exhibited in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

The primary factors in identifying a pedophile include:

Arousal and fantasies center on children
Being involved with a child for six months or more
Being at least 16 years old, or at least 5 years older than the targeted child or children
Exhibitionists, or perverts who expose themselves
Voyeurism is those who creep and peep

You can help prevent child molestation by focusing on demographics and statistics. Most are narcissistic and entitled. They believe that what applies to everyone else does not apply to them. They victimize with a sense of empowerment, and no feelings for the trauma they cause.

The key to personally dealing with sexual predatory tendencies is by seeking medical or psychological treatment. In this case, the key is to stay in away from children. Most of these predatory acts against children are perpetrated by men with pedophilia.

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Forgiveness and forgetting

Forgiveness and forgetting

This post is about Sandys service Victory From Chaos and how her service teaches others to heal themselves from past trauma.

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