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No one does not like to be regretted. People take regretful emotions, depression, and revenge. People can be disturbed, their mood swings can change, and their mentality may begin to behave differently.

What do you do when you get regretted? How do you handle regrets? Does your mood change? If so, how does it change negative or positive?

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One of ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ podcast series topics, ‘Rage Page’ discussed regret and depression. Perry L. Duff (Host) and Jeannette Davis (Co-Host) search behind the meaning of regrets and how it can reflex your mind by feeling unwanted and less self-control.


If you regret what kind of impact it has on your mind? To people with low self-esteem, regret controls the mind into a negative effect on bad behavior action, aggressive self-control and a self-incrimination thought to an evil corrective action and adaptation.

In health issues, people develop “decision regret” regarding their health illness mindset, leading to a higher decisional conflict, lower satisfaction, adverse outcomes in physical health, and greater anxiety levels.


A mental disorder occurs in a behavioral or a mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning, such as persistent, relapsing and remitting, or single episodes. Depression falls in these patterns of mental disorders. 

Also, regretting developing psychological issues that can be dangerous and violence. A person with a high standard of rage wants to punish and seek revenge. The violence revenge leads to a necessarily preceded by anger, and punishment toward other people.


Here are two subcategories violence : people seek revenge; Family members and relationships. Violence largely targets family members in homes or communication from a distant relative. 

Or, between two people who are unrelated, and who may or may not know each other. Regret effect toward groups of children or elderly forms of violence. The mindset to murder, rape or sexual assault, and violence in institutional settings such as schools, workplaces, prisons, and nursing homes. 


What are your thoughts? Are you a strong well-mind person who can handle being regretful or does a person carry a low standard of personality?

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