Race Discrimination

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Race Discrimination

Race discrimination happens in any places. 

People who are associate in race discrimination developed hate acts of abuse or harassment, or activities because of their “stereotypes” background.

Race discrimination can also be reflected in systems and institutions. Race discrimination is obvious. Someone may look through a list of job applicants and decide not to interview people because of the color of their skin or surnames.

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Race Discrimination
Race Discrimination blog by Jeannette Davis

Race Discrimination in American

Why should we Judge?

I may not never understood why people judge. their roots, Race Discrimination in the United States is one of the biggest problems in decades.

We views others of how we live, negative attitudes when we judge, and it has reflected in discriminatory laws, practices, and actions.

Are you racist? If so, why are you racist?

When I ask that question especially to white people, I never get an answer for me to understood those reasons.

Race Discrimination in Cultures

Do you know your roots?

Race in African American

African American

White European Americans who participated in the slave industry tried to justify their economic exploitation of black people by creating a “scientific” theory of white superiority and black inferiority.  During slavery, African Americans were separated from families.

African Americans were forced to work on White farms and pick cottons. After the end of slavery, African Americans continue to fight for their rights to vote and march against racism. African Americans are very creative, talented and achieve many credits in royalty.  Are you an African AmericRace in Native American

Native American 

In North America at least 10,000 years, millions of Native Americans lived in the region comprising the modern-day United States prior to European colonization. During a period of American history,

Native Americans colonized their lands. Many Native Americans were enslaved and forcibly assimilated to the culture of the white settlers. In the 19th century, the idea of forcibly removing certain Native American nations gained momentum. Native Americans chose to remain and avoided removing racism from the federal government. Are you a Native American?

Race in Asian American

Asian American

East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian descent, have experienced racism since the first major groups of Chinese immigrants arrived in America. The Naturalization Act of 1790 made Asians ineligible for citizenship.

First-generation immigrants, children of immigrants, and Asians adopted by non-Asian families are still impacted by discrimination.  In the United States, labor shortages in the mining and rail industries were prevalent.

Chinese immigrant labor was often used to fill this gap, most notably with the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. The Chinese immigrants were seen as taking the jobs of whites for cheaper pay, and the phrase which predicted Chinese immigrants gained popularity. Are you an Asian American? 

Race in Latin American

Latin American

Latin America or Hispanics come from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds. As a result, not all Latinos are distinguishable as members of a single racial minority. After the Mexican-American War in the 1800s, the United States annexed much of the current Southwestern region from Mexico.

Mexicans who resided in that territory were subjected to discrimination. 597 Mexicans were lynched between 1848 and 1928, corresponding to a per capita lynching rate second only to that suffered by the African American community. Are you a Latin American?

Race Discrimination in America

Question yourself in racism

Race discrimination also discriminate by refusing to do business with, socialize with, or share resources with people of a certain group. Governments can discriminate in explicitly in law.

Race discrimination have anti-discrimination laws which prohibit in various circumstances. In some cases, most members of groups are firm as racial quotas.

Again, I asked this question, are you racist? Why are you racist? Do you understand that God made a nation? We are one beautiful color to God’s eyes. Who are you to judge?

Why the hate? You were raised that way? People raised their children to be racists. Children do not understand why racism exists.

People put wrong ideas into a child’s mind about a person without knowing their purpose in life, instead of looking at the color of their skin. Be aware you are not perfect!

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