Pros and cons of death penalty

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Pros and Cons of Death penalty

Pros and cons of death penalty? Why do innocent people face the Death Penalty?

End Death Penalty

Cruel Punishment of Pros and cons of death penalty

There are over 10,000 or more inmates on death row. Most of them are innocent. Do you feel that the system has a right to make a decision on who will die today?

Financial Costs of Death Penalty:

Capital punishment is a difficult topic to discuss in most cases. Human rights groups question why human beings’ lives are in the hands of justice.

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Did you know that capital punishment costs taxpayers?

Here are 3 points Pros and Cons of Death Penalty Financial costs:

Trial Cost:

  • In the US Supreme Court, capital punishment is more expensive when cases have the death penalty.


  • A person who is sentenced to death can appeal their sentence. This means that more costs increase during the appealing process.

Incarceration Costs:

  • Prisoners on death row are more likely to harm themselves and transfer to a higher-risk population.
Pros and Cons of Death Penalty
Pros and Cons of Death Penalty

Who are we, God? Why do we judge others’ behaviors?

Executions were developed from being tortured. A few methods were hanging and burning at the stake.

Pros and Cons of Death Penalty: prosecution of the innocent

Here are som of the innocents who were victims :

The Justice System has failed many innocent people. Here are some of the pros and cons of death penalty. A list of names of people who were executed on death row:

  • Ruben Cantu (Texas, convicted 1985, executed 1993)
  • Larry Griffin (Missouri, convicted 1981, executed 1995)
  • Joseph Odell (Virginia, convicted 1986, executed 1997)
  • David Spence (Texas, convicted 1984, executed 1997)
  • Leo Jones (Florida, convicted 1981, executed 1998)
  • Gary Graham (Texas, convicted 1981, executed 2000)
  • Claude Jones (Texas, convicted 1989, executed 2000)
  • Cameron Todd Willingham (Texas, convicted 1992, executed 2004)
  • Sedley Alley (Tennessee, convicted 1987, executed 2006)
  • Troy Davis (Georgia, convicted 1991, executed 2011)
  • Lester Bower (Texas, convicted 1984, executed 2015)
  • Brian Terrell (Georgia, convicted 1995, executed 2015)
  • Richard Masterson (Texas, convicted 2002, executed 2016)
  • Robert Pruett (Texas, convicted 2002, executed 2017)
  • Carlton Michael Gary (Georgia, convicted 1986, executed 2018)
  • Dominique Ray (Alabama, convicted 1999; executed 2019)
  • Larry Swearingen (Texas, convicted 2000, executed 2019)
  • Walter Barton (Missouri, convicted 1993, executed 2020)
  • Nathaniel Woods (Alabama, convicted 2005, executed 2020)

Now guess what? This list actually continues from here!

Pros and Cons of Death Penalty percentage increase

Between April 2007 and 2017, false forensic evidence increased in 91.2 percent of the cases and 47.1 percent more contributing causes.


The Innocent death of George Stinney Jr.

History behind of George Stinney Jr.

In 1944, George Stinney lived in Alcolu, South Carolina, with his parents and siblings. Alcolu was a small mill town, where whites and blacks were separated.

On March 23, 1944, George Stinney Jr, was charged with the murder of Betty June Binnicker and Mary Emma Thomas. The girls had been beaten with a railroad spike.

 The girls were seen riding their bicycles and looking for flowers. The girls have passed the Stinneys’ property and asked Stinney and his sister, Aimé about passionflowers.

 According to Stinney’s sister, she was with Stinney at the time the police looked into the murders.

 In an article from wire services, a mistake in the boy’s name was preserved. The sheriff announced the arrest of George Junius.

 In the records, George’s middle name was “Junius”. But, his sister, Katherine Robinson stated he had no middle name.

“I don’t know where they came up with that name”, she said. “And why Junius? That’s an awful name. His full name was George Stinney Jr.” According to Katherine Robinson.

A 14-year-old boy had been executed. If this happens to your child what will you do to try to stop it?

Another innocent Pros and Cons of death penalty

Texas plans to execute Melissa Lucio on Wednesday. The State accused her of killing her 2-year-old daughter.

The people prayed with her to stop the death penalty and to call off the execution because Melissa Lucio is innocent.

The Texas Court and Gov. Greg Abbott have not granted requests for clemency. Therefore, Melissa Lucio‘s life is still in their hands.

What are your thoughts, if people support Lucio. And if she still awaits death what hope for other innocent people on the death penalty?

The National Registry of Exonerations reported that 70% were victims of no crime.

Pros and Cons of Death Penalty
Pros and Cons of Death Penalty blog by Jeannette Davis

Pros and cons of death penalty: stop the killing of innocent people

There are two sides to the Pros and Cons of death penalty. Do you know what they are?

There are people who believe in an eye for an eye. The first is If a person kills someone they should die. Do you think justice is served by revenge?

The second is you are religious and have a problem with the death penalty. Do you believe that taking a life is wrong no matter what the circumstances?

According to Author, Cassandra Robinson, more legal problems come from prisoners being on death row for fifteen or more years.

Why do courts show that killing people is right if they kill the person who committed the crime?

Many people believe that the death penalty is a heartless punishment. Would you rather see a prisoner kept alive for a life sentence?

Pros and cons of death penalty

The death penalty has many pros and cons. The errors of someone being put to death who didn’t commit a crime has a chance at freedom by DNA.

What is your opinion on the death penalty? Should it be allowed? Imagine yourself in that situation, being accused of a crime you didn’t commit.

Your life is now in the hands of the Justice System. And the craziest thing of all? The innocent Behind Bars is now happening to people from all walks of life.

The Pros and Cons of death penalty and The Hustlers Corner NYC rundown

We have had guests on our show, The Hustlers Corner NYC, who have spent decades behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. One was a young high school basketball star named Leslie Vass.

He was arrested and charged with felony robbery, at a drug store. The crazy thing is that the person who actually committed the crime did not rob a drug store.

He robbed a food stand several years earlier. Another guest on our show spent a decade behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

He was a real estate developer by the name of Tony Viola. He bought and sold homes in the state of Ohio.

A federal task force found him guilty of selling predatory mortgage lending packages. This is also a crime he did not commit. And the crazy thing is, the prosecuting attorney turned out to be a womanizing sexual predator having extramarital affairs.

Another guest on our show named Rufus Rochelle was convicted of selling illegal drugs on a University campus. He spent nearly 30 years behind bars for this crime he did not commit.

This blog is about those on death row who are innocent of the crimes they did not commit.

Do you believe the Justice System is corrupt? Do you think YOU would survive if you were on death row for a crime you didn’t commit?

Are you crazy? You better hope you never find yourself in this situation!

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Wrongful Convictions Why They Happen, With Rufus Rochelle

Wrongful Convictions Why They Happen, With Rufus Rochelle

Rufus Rochelle is a man convicted of a crime he did not commit. He spent 32 years behind bars for that conviction. During that time he witnessed a great deal of the inhumane conditions that too many inmates across America face

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