Prison reform movement Introducing Rufus Rochelle

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Prison Reform movement Introducing Rufus Rochelle YouTube

Prison reform movement Introducing Rufus Rochelle -32 Years for a wrongful conviction pt 1

Prison reform movement advocate Rufus Rochelle pt 1

What would you say to a man who was a model prisoner behind bars for decades? A man who incurred no infractions, never got in trouble with anyone behind bars, and was an outstanding model inmate? Now, what would you say if that same man spent over 30 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit? Then you would be talking about Rufus Rochelle.

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Prison reform movement advocate Rufus Rochelle and his 32-year wrongful conviction

Rufus Rochelle is an honorable man of humble origins from Florida. A model school student he always maintained a “by the book” work ethic. When he was younger he would do small chores in the neighborhood like cutting grass, mowing lawns, painting, and any type of handyman job he could do.

A family man, he is fiercely respectful of his mother when he was young. That respect led to his mother’s insistence on his education. This is a mantra, he still carries with him to this day.
A funny man with an entertaining sense of humor, Rufus Rochelle loves to tell his stories.

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But then again, as a man in his 70s, most do. What can we learn from a man like Rufus Rochelle? What can we pass from his experience to our offspring? Rufus is a man who was convicted by public opinion, and the media, before he was sentenced to 32 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

Prison reform movement
Wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit

Prison reform movement advocate Rufus Rochelle and his drug-dealing wrongful conviction

He was accused of being a drug dealer and selling drugs on a university campus. A crime backed by unsubstantiated evidence, and poor testimony. It never ceases to amaze me how people will convict you in a court of public opinion without any facts or evidence to back it up. Yet wrongful convictions are about as common in America as Apple pie.

Wrongful convictions can happen to anyone, and all too often in America it does. Innocent people are incarcerated every day, for crimes they did not commit. Do not let yourself fall to the trap of the failure of the American justice system. You can use these countermeasures below to ensure this never happens to you or your loved ones.

Prison reform movement
Prison reform movement Rufus Rochelle

When an innocent person is convicted of a crime they did not commit, the guilty party escapes. Imagine serving time for another person’s crime, and how your family would cope with the stigma of the conviction.

The Prison reform movement indicators of wrongful convictions

  • Poor use of scientific analysis
  • Nonexistence of physical evidence
  • Bad use of methods not sanctioned by science
  • Self-incriminating tactics by police
  • False testimony prosecutorial oversight and police misconduct
  • Forced confessions
  • Poor preparations by the defense
  • Laziness of the police to investigate the other suspect
  • Framing, planting of evidence, and other corrupt tactics by police

All of these are indicators of injustice and a corrupt justice system in need of a prison reform movement. To make sure that an innocent person does not get convicted, all of these issues and more must be addressed. The legal process to overturn this type of corruption can be a very complex and long procedure.

It involves thorough research and extensive legal leg work, not to mention the enormous amount of money you will spend. And, even with the help of a lawyer or human rights advocate they cannot make the process easier.

Prison reform movement and Wrongful convictions – the truth

A wrongful conviction is almost never overturned overnight. It often takes years and, in most cases, the innocent usually serve decades behind bars for the crime of another before it gets reversed. Talk about a horrifying scenario, I would not wish to happen to anyone. This is why a prison reform movement is sorely needed.

Either way, if the conviction is reversed, and you’re spared from decades behind bars you can seek a civil case through your attorney. This would result in compensation to you for the damages and years of your life lost that the conviction has brought you.

All legal expenses, medical bills, job losses, physical, emotional trauma and more are worthy of compensation from many years in jail. All this can be used in a lawsuit against your local government and police for all the humiliation you have suffered at their hands.

However, the process of civil action for compensation will definitely take time. No government will quickly pay anyone who has been wrongfully convicted. Especially if there is no pressure from the media or civil rights organizations. This points to the need for a prison reform movement.

Prison reform movement includes the best defense

The best defense you can mount is to make sure you get highly qualified professional, ethical legal help to help you fight your case if you are innocent and avoid a wrongful conviction. The problem is that ethical legal help is not necessarily in abundance out there.

Just as there are good cops, there is good ethical legal help. But also, just as good police are in scarce supply these days, so is good ethical legal help. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where the truth, and good, still take a backseat to lies and evil.

The key is to never give up and continue with grassroots movements such as criminal justice reform movements and prison reform movements. This will continue to involve and evolve the combined efforts of concerned citizens for effective and lasting change.

Another very important point is to galvanize people across America and around the world. This is the reason why black lines matter has become so effective in its continuing march for social, criminal, justice, and prison reform movements.

It is through movements that we as a collective consciousness of effort bring immense pressure to bear upon the powers that be. And in doing so we forced them to change that not only benefits people like Rufus Rochelle, but it is the people all over the world convicted of crimes they have not committed.

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Voices of the innocence who are locked up in prisons for a crime they did not commit. Read and share your thoughts.

Wrongful Convictions Why They Happen, With Rufus Rochelle

Wrongful Convictions Why They Happen, With Rufus Rochelle

Rufus Rochelle is a man convicted of a crime he did not commit. He spent 32 years behind bars for that conviction. During that time he witnessed a great deal of the inhumane conditions that too many inmates across America face

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