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Here are the posts and interviews page. Here you will find our ongoing series of interviews with some of the most fascinating people you will ever meet.

Here are people who have overcome the most difficult of situations only to rise to the occasion and triumph in the end. The Hustler’s Corner N Y C continues ongoing sessions with people from these walks of life.

Their insight, candor, and transparency, always result in powerful information that you can apply to your own life. These sessions are presented under seven categories.

Tales from the bid

are interviews from people actually serving time from behind bars.

Victims of the system

are interviews from people who have been wrong by the criminal justice system.

Legends of the hood

are people who are often self-reformed. People who have lived to see that their past lives offered no gain, and no success.

The black business movement

is pretty self-explanatory. These are people from the African-American community who have successfully started and built thriving enterprises from scratch.

On the grind

is for performing artists like vocalists and rap and hip-hop artists who managed to carve out a successful career in the performing arts industry.

Lipstick stories

is specifically for women only. It highlights the painful and traumatic situations that too many women have found themselves in. And many of these situations were actually life-threatening.

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