People Vs gun violence statistics

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People Vs gun violence statistics

Your Guns don’t kill people. YOU do! According to gun violence statistics, your biggest problem in the United States is NOT GUNS! It’s YOU!

Suicidal gun violence statistics

People Vs gun violence statistics by suicide

Are you suicidal? A gun is a quick way to end your life. No pain just instant death.

Do you believe taking your life will solve problems?  According to gun violence statistics, the highest rate of suicides is 47,173 per year.

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Those who have firearms are five times more likely to commit suicide. In 2002, people with no license had a 95 percent suicide rate.

Before you pull the trigger, have you been suicidal?


In Domestic Violence, your strongest link is guns. And a controlling behavior with words like, ‘If I can’t have you, no one will!’

Gun violence statistics showed that crime through passion could end in injury or death. And your partner can become a stalking psychopath.

Your partner’s thoughts could become madness. His or her thoughts can Trap your life.

Imagine your life is in the hands of someone you love? How would you calm down your partner’s weakness?

gun violence statistics
Gun violence statistics by Jeannette Davis

Police Brutality

Gun violence statistics show how Police react to crime. But your involvement can prevent crime

There are times when police work with citizens. But black citizens are too scared to share information with the police.

Black citizens fear snitching will get them killed.

Do you know someone who was a victim of Police Brutality? Police are trained to stop Black people for no reason.

Police are quick to shoot and kill black people even when they don’t have a gun. In 1973, Clifford Glover, a ten-year-old boy was shot and killed when he and his stepfather were stopped by two plainclothes cops.

Cops thought Clifford and his stepfather had committed a robbery. Clifford became afraid and ran.

The cops shot Clifford Glover killing him instantly. Do you know how many stories like this are happening now?

gun violence statistics
Victims of gun violence statistics

Black Americans protested against police abuse in early the 1950s.

People Vs Psychological gun violence statistics


Court cases of gun violence statistics end in “not guilty by insanity”. 28 percent of people who commit gun violence have some form of mental illness.

Gun owners have the highest number of deaths, selling guns in the “Black Market“. Guns owners of a Psychological mindset end up becoming mass shooters.

A person could develop an obsession with guns and difficult differences 

Gun violence statistics in Communities

Gun violence statistics in the African American community

According to Author, Jeremiah Otieno Odhlambo, neighborhoods struggling with poverty, and unemployment have high cases of gun violence.

Gun violence in cities like New York and Chicago lacks strong leaders. Leaders who are responsible for city safety can help stop crimes through citizens, and police. 

Leaders encourage people to create youth organizations and discuss racism and gun violence. However, I think it’s time that we Face facts about gun violence statistics in the black community.

I mean, let’s keep it real now, shall we? Whether you want to face it or not, we all know that cities like Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and New York City, suffer from an overwhelming wave of gun violence.

And we all know you will point to similar statistics in white communities, to deflect the issue. Yet the fact remains that in Black communities, gun violence statistics are an epidemic.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I am in no way giving white supremacy, and barbaric racism a pass. That’s not what I’m trying to do here.

I’m simply telling you that gun violence statistics in the black community is an issue that desperately needs to be faced. But another reason is that it highlights the issue of mental illness.

Gun violence statistics in Racism

Racism is a huge issue in gun violence. Race violence has an insane impact on communities.

Black men are victims of gun violence statistics where there are high crime rates. People in age 15 to 50 commit gun violence.

Do you believe that the United States should have a gun control policy? Okay then let me ask you this?

How many more school shootings, Sandy Hooks, Church shooters, random drive-by shootings, and more has to happen before you wake up and realize the need for gun control?

Gun violence statistics pros and cons

If America pushed gun control laws do you believe gun violence would be reduced?

Pros of Gun Control:

  • Gun deaths between 1999 and 2016 were 58.8 percent.  According to the  New England Journal of Medicine the highest number of deaths are children.
  • 20 percent of children die from a handgun. Background checks can reduce deaths by 80.7% percent.
  • Gun identification requirements could reduce deaths by 82.5% percent. Gun licensing caused a 14% percent decrease in firearm homicides.

Cons of Gun control

  • Let’s face facts. Owning Guns can be a dangerous obsession. YOU kill people, not guns.
  • Guns are scary. There is no doubt about it. People who carry guns feel powerful. They threaten innocent people who do not own guns.
  • Many people associate with those who sell guns. A sight of a gun can make a person’s mind have a delusion behavior.

Ask yourself this question, do you really need a gun?

Should Americans, including gun owners, support new gun restrictions? Now, you may argue that owning a gun is for your protection. And believe me, I get it.

Yes, you’re right. There are a lot of creeps out there. And we all need to protect ourselves in one way or another.

Vandalism, burglaries, theft, and assaults, are all legitimate reasons to take steps to protect yourself and your family. But you should know that there are other ways to protect yourself.

You can use things such as security cameras inside and outside your home. Loud piercing alarms and lights to scare off Intruders work very well.

Dogs trained to patrol your home and yard. Personal camera systems like body cams, sunglasses cameras, ink pens, and button cameras.

And one of the best deterrence of personal violations is your smartphone camera. There are new Community apps that you can download to your phone.

They serve as Watchdog apps to alert members Within the community of your location and activities.

The Catch-22

You really need to be aware that the use of a firearm in most cases will not end up as a self-protection argument in a court of law. And that goes double if you are African American.

If you use a firearm to protect yourself, you risk facing a catch-22. A Catch-22 is a no-win weapon against you as a means of incarceration.

It’s heavily used in the black community as a means of killing two birds with one stone. The first stone will be the person you shoot, and the second Stone will be you.

So before you decide to run out and buy a gun, think long and hard about this. The chances are very high that you may find yourself in a situation you will not be able to get out of for life.

Do you really want to take that chance?

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