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Hood of the night

When you hear stories ‘Legends of the Hood’ you expect to hear about Street Legends and their legacies, correct? Well, yes, but, their legacy also can be an ‘A Positive Role Model’. Street Legends are known by their names and street credits. People from their hood look up to them as a ‘Robin Hood’ type of hero because of what they can do for the community.

Besides selling drugs and killing their people, some Street Legends lookout for those who need their service like money, paying bills, taking care of neighborhood kids.

Also, We can see Street Legends change from bad to good. Here’s a story I want to share with you. I know four childhood friends who have all grown up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school and knew each other’s families.

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These childhood friends sat back and watched how kingpins made they’re living such as driving expensive cars, wearing gold chains, and girls. These friends want that fast lifestyle and they have participated in being part of that circle. As time goes by with the four friends they have become ‘Legends of the Hood’ local drug dealers see and respect them as they are ‘Kings’ or ‘God’. Of course, as we know, that kind of lifestyle does not stay forever.

Unfortunately, all four friends were caught up in their games. Two were killed and the other two served time in prison.

Hiding behind your legacy.


Two surviving friends living in a jail cell thinking about all the negative things they have done to themselves, their kids, family members, close friends, and people they are responsible for killing. From time to time two friends change their attitudes from negative to positive.

Earn college credits, certificates, and receive a high school diploma. After serving their time in prison, both friends were released. One friend becomes a motivational speaker to the youths, while the other friend is a founder of a Scared Straight Program.

Now, they are serving and giving back to their community as positive role models for today’s youths. Keep the youth-focused in the right direction, stay away from gangs and any violence. Because of their legacy, the youths are looking up to them and doing right.

The high rate for black males aged 14 to 17 becoming drug dealers and the homicide rate for black males aged 18 to 24 increased nearly as much. During this period, as a result of the low-skill levels and minimal initial resource outlay required to sell drugs, systemic violence flourished as a growing army of young, enthusiastic inner-city local dealers and sellers attempted to defend their economic investment which included the initial ‘Legends of the Hood’.


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