Incarceration rates race how to save your son

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Incarceration rates race, a mother’s plea for her son

Incarceration rates race with Tosha Smith Mills. Prison rates by race. We talk with Tosha Smith Mills about her jailed black son. Her documentary helps mothers like you and your son.

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Dear Mama

Incarceration Rates Race – the highest

The U.S. has the highest prisoner rate in the world. Your black son will be jailed five times higher than whites.

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You will see how incarceration rates race in each State. And the rates of various ethnic groups within those States.

You can look at the numbers that incarceration rates race using these figures.’

Incarceration Rates Race – the numbers

Race# of Inmates% of Inmates
Native American4,0012.5%
Incarceration Rates Race – the numbers
Incarceration Rates Race – Tosha Smith Mills Lipstick Stories

Momma, I should have listened

Imagine yourself at home, a mother of a family. Washing clothes and cooking meals for your children.

You’re preparing the table for your family to come, sit and eat. Then all of a sudden you get a phone call.

And then you get the worst news you could ever hear in your life. Your son has just been convicted and sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

How would you feel about this? What would this do to your world and your life? Well, this is what happened to Tosha Smith Mills.

It was September 16th, 2009 at 12:58 p.m. when she received that fateful phone call. At that moment, she joined a host of parents caught in the same situation with their children.

Her son’s name is b.j. and he received a 40-year sentence for aggravated assault with a weapon.

She admits that prior to this situation, she was a very judgmental person. But the reason is that she never thought something like this could happen to her.

After that fateful phone call, she realized just how wrong she was. She thought like so many other parents that her children would never commit such wrongdoing.

Tosha Smith mills learned the hard way that no one is immune to making such mistakes. It can happen to anyone. And it happened to her.

Get her book to learn more here.

Incarceration Rates Race – the averages

incarceration rates race

Black people are imprisoned at a rate about five times that of white people

The Prison Policy Initiative found Incarceration rates race in Wisconsin’s prisons. The disparity isn’t uniform across states.

Hawaii had the lowest incarceration, with blacks being twice as whites. But, the disparity is also in states where racial disparities are low.

The Sentencing Project recommends mandatory sentences be slashed for all crimes. Especially on black people, including your son.

And eliminate prison for low-level drug offenses. It is obvious that prison is a major public health issue.

Incarceration rates race five times more likely to contract HIV. And 10 to 20% of those who are incarcerated suffer from serious mental illnesses.

Inmates typically have low chances of survival. And many are held in jail for this reason.

Incarceration rates race exacerbate existing disparities. Contributing to the rising crime rate and deterioration in the neighborhood.

In states with the highest Black prison population, the gap is worse. In Wisconsin, there are 2.7x more Black prisoners than in Arizona.

The disparities are further exacerbated due to the fact that black individuals are more likely of Incarceration rates race than whites.

States with a high rate of incarceration

The rate of Black prisoners in state prisons is five times higher than whites. And the difference in Wisconsin is even more.

The Sentencing Project is a Washington, D.C.-based research and advocacy center. It highlights the high rates of black people in jail.

Incarceration rates race for black people at 3 times the rate of Latinos. Whites are held at five times the rate.

Despite this high rate, the data do not reflect racial disparity. This is a problem of race-based justice.

Black Americans are 4.8x more likely to be imprisoned than white Americans. It’s even higher at 12.5x in New Jersey.

Hawaii has a low number of Black people in prison. But it’s still twice as white people.

And Latino people are 1.3 times more than whites. And 4.1 times higher in Massachusetts.

In the United States, black males make up a huge part of the prison population. Their incarceration rate is historically high.

And that rate is projected to rise. This gap has resulted in population-level effects.

If these disparities continue to exist, the consequences will be bad for everyone. Black men who fail high school are likely to end up in prison.

Incarceration rates race in the states

Black Americans are jailed at an increased rate than white Americans. According to The Sentencing Project, one of every 36 Blacks in Wisconsin is in prison.

This is the state where Incarceration rates race the highest. The Black American population is 42 percent of all prisons.

In recent years, the United States has seen a significant decrease in the number of people incarcerated. White incarceration rates are at an all-time high.

But the rate has decreased by 34 percent. Black prisoner rates have dropped by half in the year 2016.

Nearly 50% of all wrongly convicted cases have been overturned. The Sentencing Project discovered huge disparities in the incarceration rates of black people.

In 12 states, for example, more than half the prison population are African Americans. Latino people are twice as whites to be in prison.

It is crucial to acknowledge race in criminal justice reform. The gap in incarceration rates between ethnic groups remains significant.

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