Judged By 12 Than Carried By 6

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Judged by 12 than Carried by 6 Leland Jones YouTube

I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Introducing Leland “Uncle Beats” Jones

What’s it like to be judged by 12 than carried by 6? This post s about anyone who judges others out of their own righteousness. If you say, for example, that homosexuality is perverted, abortion is murder, sex outside of marriage is lust, or that Jesus is the only way, get ready to be judged.

Judged By 12 Than Carried By 6 … Intolerable

You will be seen as “intolerable”. You will be viewed as a close-minded individual. You will be criticized as self-righteous. And you will probably be judged as uncaring, because people hate those who don’t care. Talk about ironic.

judged by 12 than carried by 6

In our discussion with Leland Jones, he discusses his origins in Chicago, and his entrepreneurial upbringing with his father. He discusses his musical background with other relatives, leading to his current musical career and self-employment. And I can see why he has lasted so long.

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Judged by 12 Than Carried by 6… Hypocrites

People say, “Don’t judge!” and commit the act themselves in which they deem you guilty. In talking with Leland Jones I discovered that he was being judged just like this scenario above.

The cool thing about his response is when he said “I understand that people just don’t understand”. This proves just how important it is to develop an intelligent turtle shell when dealing with people.

If you hold anyone accountable by self-righteousness, you set yourself up to be a target of judgmental people themselves. Yet in my discussion with Leland Jones I see how he adapts to his situation.

Judged by 12 Than Carried by 6… The true purpose of the Church

I personally cannot tell you enough of just how many people I have met in the church who fit this persona. The key is to understand that the church is not a place for people of sin.

judged by 12 than carried by 6

It’s a place where the spiritually broken come to find healing. You will definitely find yourself being judged by 12 than carried by 6 in the church. And If you dare take seriously the absolute necessity of obedience or self-denial, you will lose “church friends.”

First consider what Jesus really meant. Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under foot, then turn and rip you to pieces.

Jesus was speaking of people who don’t recognize what is truly valuable and holy. It seems that Jesus was speaking only of people who reject His holy word because they don’t value it.

Judged by 12 Than Carried by 6… Stop Wasting your time with the wrong people

If we are to stop casting our pearls before those who don’t deserve it, we have to look at the people we are dealing with. In our interview with Leland Jones we came to see that he values his time, the words of his mouth, and his impressive level of faith in God.

I mean let’s face it Leland Jones carries the appearance of a person full of the ghetto. And unfortunately too many people in the hood are truly spiritually broken and toxic. And yes we shouldn’t waste our pearls on them.

So if you would rather be judged by 12 than by six you are not only speaking of your relationship with those whom you value, You are speaking of those who value you. Does this is mean that you don’t care? Not at all. What it means is that we are wasting our time with those who refuse to mature.

This is what is meant in Scripture as “shaking off the dust from our feet”. The key is to look for those who value what we have to tell them. In other words, don’t waste your valuable time on people who don’t value God’s Word.

Judged by 12 Than Carried by 6… The correct way to Judge People

So how do we judge those unworthy of our time? By judging them by their spiritual fruit. I have seen many people in the church who years down the road are still in the same miserable condition that they were when they first came to the church years ago.

They still can’t get or keep a job, and they are still living 1 foot in the church and 1 foot in the worldly life that got them in that condition in the first place. Yet they still believe that deceiving others is the key to success.

This is how you know if a spiritual person is on the up and up. Spiritual leaders are judged by their fruit, and there isn’t enough of that happening. So many of us are being misled by those who claim to have a relationship with God that doesn’t exist.

Judged by 12 Than Carried by 6… Don’t believe the hype

Let’s not forget about Jerry Falwell, and Kirk Franklin’s addiction to porn. Or Pastor Eddie Long, who was found to have molested many boys in his church. Or Juanita Bynum who turned out to be a lesbian.

And please don’t let me get started on the many Roman Catholic priests who sexually preyed on children around the world. Even modern pastors today in 2020 claim to have received visitations from angelic beings predicting the success of President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

And now that the election is over and president Trump lost you gotta ask yourself who were these beings that these pastors claimed that they got visits from? And why would they lie about the success of Donald Trump’s reelection campaign?

It would seem to me that these so-called angelic beings are not who they claim to be. This is what is meant by spiritual fruit. It either reveals the truth about God in your life, or the lie in your life.

We should be looking at the fruit of every spiritual leader and person we meet. Don’t make the foolish error of “judging their fruit” by looking at the miracles they perform or the number of people who attend their functions, Or the Number of their subscribers.

And in speaking with Leland Jones it was easy to see that his biggest asset is his faith in God. And he revealed it by claiming that he lets God take the wheel of his life. And the seeds of his giving and philanthropic spirit has borne fruit of his success.

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