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Tales From the Bids about people who are wrongfully convicted in prison.

Voices of the Inmates


‘Tales From the Bids: (Voices of the inmates)’ was one of ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ podcast topics in which Perry L. Duff and Jeannette Davis interviewed inmates while they were currently incarcerated and talked about their innocence.

But, unfortunately, ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ no longer does any more interviews with the inmates because facilities will not allow it, and the inmates’ privilege has been taken away. So many cases have not been clarified and solved correctly during the inmates’ trials.

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In 2019, the National Registry of Exonerations annual report showed the percentage of wrongful convictions in between 2% and 10%.  Wrongful convictions appear at first to be “rightful” arrests and convictions.

Also include statements about a particular crime that has not occurred, as well as a particular individual or individuals having committed that crime. If the conviction turns out to be a miscarriage of justice, then one or both of these statements is ultimately deemed to be false.

In early episodes of the ‘Tales From The Bids’ series, The Hustlers Corner NYC had interviewed an inmate named James Ellis. James Ellis is currently serving time in prison for a crime he did not commit. James Ellis was charged for the 1989 slaying of Mary Utter, in her Wooden home.

In the following years, a sheriff reported that the fingerprint belonging to James Ellis did not match the crime scene. Today, James is fighting for his case. He has a new attorney who may help him and rule out the negative evidence against James. James Ellis wants to return to ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ podcast for another interview with his attorney. Perry L. Duff (host) will set up the interview.

There are many stories like James Ellis. The biggest problem is ‘where is the Justice’ for innocence sitting in prison?’. ‘Where is the Justice for the innocent who are waiting on Death Row?’

In my research, I learned that up to 10,000 people are wrongfully convicted of serious crimes in the United States each year. When a wrongly convicted person is sentenced to years in prison can have a substantial, irreversible effect on the person and their family.

The media may also be faulted for distorting the public perception of crime by over-representing certain races and genders as criminals and victims, and for highlighting more sensational and invigorating types of crimes as being more newsworthy.

 People supported by joining organizations like ‘the Innocence Project’ and ‘Witness to Innocence’ to publicly share stories from the inmates, to counteract these media on social networks, and to advocate for various types of criminal justice reform. Therefore, lead your voice to ‘voices of the inmates’.

Inmate James Ellis

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