Destigmatizing your life with Thomas Freeme

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Destigmatizing your life with Thomas Freeme

The issue of mental health continues to be a major social and health burden for people dealing with mental illnesses. One of the most common mental disorders affecting 15 million adults. Mental disorders are treatable diseases. The challenges witnessed prevent people from sharing their fears and views pertaining to their disorders.

Consider the case of Thomas Freeme. A man who has a child had a tumultuous relationship with his father. He explained how his difficult and biased father would make him and his sibling’s life miserable.

If he wasn’t anyway upset, everyone in the house suffered as a result. This relationship with his father left a stain of stigmatizing shaming on his life. As a result, he walked in rebellion, acting out in criminal behavior which eventually landed him behind bars.

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He sold and did drugs, and became a rather abusive person himself. He often found himself in confrontation with others, and soon those confrontations actually became deadly. He was lucky to survive such a difficult time doing his youth.

All of this craziness that he went through stemmed from his superficial relationship with his father. It was his Father who constantly subjected him to gaslighting. And all of that noodle baking left a powerful social stigma he had to reverse.

After spending over 12 years behind bars, he came to the conclusion that destigmatizing his life was necessary. And he actually met some of the greatest people in his life behind bars. This included a man who went to jail for over a decade with him over stealing food to eat.

And he stole the food because he was homeless, hungry, and had no food to eat for days. This once again is the true definition of systemic racism. Even though Thomas is a white American with privilege, that privilege did him no good on the employment line.

His felonious record got him turned away from job after job, time after time, again and again. And his journey of destigmatizing his life has continuously included unemployment, which he now currently faces. Yet amazingly, through this tumultuous journey, he managed to meet and marry his current wife, an African-American woman.

I must admit, I’m not surprised because I know for a fact that as an African-American male myself if I were unemployed in a relationship with an African-American woman, that relationship would not last long at all. Proof, once again, that privilege takes precedence over the feeble-mindedness of black people.


Destigmatizing your life and Depression

There is no denying that individuals diagnosed with depression are ill. The disorder occurs due to changes in the brain. Depression is misunderstood as a character flaw or a lack of will to recover. Therefore, it is essential to understand that mental disorders are as dangerous as other illnesses.

As for Thomas, the stigma of schizophrenia left him battling his own bouts with depression. Yet it was his will and resolve that kept him moving forward. During our discussion with him on The Hustlers Corner NYC, we came to understand that what Thomas has been through in his life is not an uncommon scenario.

Millions upon millions of white Americans across America suffer from PTSD, depression, poverty, and suicide. We also came to observe during our show that what millions of white Americans currently go through actually has an origin.

Before Africans were put to chattel slavery during the mid-1600s, over 300,000 white Americans were brought here from Europe as indentured servants. They were the result of reconstruction laws put forth by the Roman Catholic institution.

Destigmatizing your life and European Poverty

These laws, which confiscated their lands, left the vast majority of Europeans in extreme poverty. Today, here in America, homeless people are walking around with smartphones. There are numerous places homeless people can go to find food and shelter and resources.

Among these resources, they can even find training for new jobs. Even here in New York City, where I live, you can live comfortably as a homeless bum for the rest of your life. You will never go hungry, you will always have food to eat, and you will always have a place to rest your head.

Unfortunately, that simply wasn’t the case during the time of reconstruction and confiscation of lands from the peasants in Europe. They had no such resources to fall back on during their abject poverty. No food to eat, no shelters or places to lay their heads, and most certainly no smartphones.

They didn’t even have a pot to piss in. They suffered from the most extreme poverty possible. The poverty of absolute despair and hopelessness. At one point I explained to Thomas during our session with him on our show that the poverty was so extreme, 20,000 to 50,000 people showed up to one man’s funeral begging for alms and food.

They were ragged, filthy, and disease-ridden. The result of this extreme poverty was an explosion in criminal activity that proliferated throughout Europe. It was also during this time that the Moors of Africa came to Europe. They had seen With their own eyes the painful, disgusting, filthy mark of poverty throughout the European continent.

Destigmatizing your life and European crime

But this was not all. The extreme levels of crime, which was mostly theft of food from ravaging starvation, caused the powers to be at that time to enact what was known as vagrancy laws. These vagrancy laws resulted in thousands of European children, most of them teenagers, being “spirited away” by merchant seamen.

The term “spirited away” was nothing more than a made-up term for kidnapping. The result of this kidnapping was thousands upon thousands of young teenage European children, some as young as five years of age, being extradited to three locations. And those three locations were South Africa, the Caribbean islands, and the English colonies which is today known as the United States of America.


Destigmatizing your life and modern day poverty

Anybody has the potential to develop depression. Some personalities and creative people are more vulnerable. Such people are hypersensitive as they engage in contemplation and rumination. And from the days of the extreme poverty in Europe and vagrancy which led to widespread theft, mostly of food from starvation just to survive, poverty still ravages white America today.

Individuals with depression are often high-functioning individuals. This could be attributed to the stigmatizing shaming that forces them to mask their symptoms and avoid talking about them. But the destigmatizing of your life requires you to come to terms with the reality that your current depressed state will come face-to-face with an America that really doesn’t give a shit about your situation.

Destigmatizing your life and the human body

Everybody is born with an internal body clock. In individuals with depression, this clock turns upside down pretty much spills over into chaos. The brain of people going through depression may confuse morning with nighttime. Their sleep and hunger hormones get affected and disrupted.


Changes in appetite and weight are seen with depression. Individuals with depression lose connections in the brain. These changes reduce the size of the brain.

Depression is commonly associated with diseases that impact older adults. However, depression can also increase the rate of aging. These individuals display a shorter length of telomeres (DNA found in chromosomes) compared to their healthy peers or individuals who have to cope with depression for a short time.

An individual going through depression experiences pain, such as headaches, backache, stomachache, etc. The perception of pain is the reason that both depression and pain share a common chemical pathway. Research has highlighted that pain can also improve the symptoms of depression.

Depression is a mental disorder that leaves a person withdrawn with suicidal thoughts that affect psychological well-being. If left untreated, it leads to detrimental effects on the quality of life.


Destigmatizing your life – what do you do?

The key to dealing with depression and destigmatizing your life is to first understand that you are not the only one going through this. There are tons of resources that you can find on Google to help you plan your next move.

But one of the most important things you must realize is that you are not in this fight alone. We all know how tough it can be out there, dealing with a merciless world. And we all know that most people you will meet really couldn’t care less about what you’re suffering from.

But that’s okay. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, and it certainly won’t hurt you. And you can rest assured when you finally come out of your depression destigmatizing your life and moving forward, the ones who looked down on you are the ones who most certainly will be eating her heart out when they see you again.

And I don’t know about you, but I truly love watching those who looked down upon me eating their hearts out years later!

So please make sure you tell them I said bon appétit!

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