Crime, Black People And America

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What would you do if you had to choose between death in the hood, or incarceration? What if you faced a strain theory through high unemployment and social deviance behavior through a Differential Association Theory? What if you found yourself facing life without parole over self-defense? What would you do?

Strain Theory and Domestic Genocide YouTube

This strain theory and more are discussed in the book “Domestic Genocide”“. A Book that chronicles oppressive local, state, and federal systems designed to act as a social control theory against the African-American populace. And institutions like the KKK and the police who enforce them.

In the book Domestic Genocide, the author traces his journey from his birth in Wewoka Oklahoma to his current incarceration. It’s summarized in social deviance in four sections:

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Humble Beginnings – Here we learn of where he was born and raised, what he learned, the poor decisions of his mother, the tragedy of his father, and the discovery of an affluent neighboring African American town.

Boley Oklahoma The REAL Black Wall Street – here we learn of the REAL Black Wall street which was Boley Oklahoma instead of Tulsa Oklahoma

⦁ Modern Day Slavery And The Differential Association Theory – Here we learn how a strain theory of high unemployment gave rise to a Wewoka of poverty, gangs, drugs, and social deviance so common amongst the poor choices that most were forced to make.

No Honor Amongst Thieves – here is where you discover that a life of crime and Association with like-minded individuals always leads to a devastating outcome.

Final thoughts – here you will see some of the toughest questions that young African-Americans are forced to make in a world of desperation. And how all of this constitutes an American social control theory.

Humble Beginnings

Wewoka, Seminole county Oklahoma Is a small town with a population of just over 3000 The name We-Wo-Ka – meaning “Barking Water” was given to it because of a steady rush of water over nearby falls. This is where the author of “Domestic Genocide” was born.

Learning Self-sufficiency through farming and fishing, he developed an independence that served him well in his youth. But a painful strain theory of high unemployment forced his mother, a well-educated woman In her own right into A life of drug dealing and drug addiction to survive.

His father was half Native American and half African-American. Unfortunately, he was murdered by his best friend over a woman when he was 2 years old. His father lived in an affluent African-American town called Boley Oklahoma. There he saw firsthand the unprecedented levels of African-American progress, culture, and commerce.

Boley Oklahoma The REAL Black Wall Street

Most people think of African-American progress as the Black Wall Street which was Tulsa Oklahoma. But Boley Oklahoma was actually the “nexus” of true black progress in the early 1900s. Boley Oklahoma is where the first black bank and university originated.

And according to records obtained from the African American archives at the Smithsonian institution Boley also had the first railroad and train system, the first local phone system, and many local businesses teeming with commerce.

Modern Day Slavery And The Differential Association Theory

However, due to a strain theory of systematic oppression from the KKK, Jim Crow laws, eminent domain, the 1949 housing act, Just to name a few Boley Oklahoma became a shadow of its former self.

Wewoka Oklahoma became a ghost town of high unemployment, crime, drugs, and .social deviance. And the Differential Association Theory caused most to run with the wrong crowd selling drugs and hustling for living under a carefully constructed social control theory.

No Honor Amongst Thieves

Running with criminal activity in Wewoka, you will quickly discover that there is no honor amongst thieves. And upon deciding to abandon the thug life your associates will find your decision unacceptable and force you to face your most difficult decision ever. The choice between death in the hood or incarceration.

Final Thoughts

What would you do if you found yourself facing high unemployment in a fight for survival? Would you choose a life of crime to survive? If you knew that such activity through a Differential Association Theory would lead to a confrontation with death itself or incarceration which would you choose?

Could a better choice have been made to lead you in a different path away from such a life or death situation? And lastly, what if you discover that this is part of an American social control theory deliberately implemented against people like you all your life? These are the choices of social deviance many young African-American males face.

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