Causes Of Recidivism

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What Are the Causes Of Recidivism?

Causes of recidivism
Causes of recidivism and deviant behavior examples YouTube

Causes of recidivism

In recent decades, the United States has experienced substantial growth in the prison population. While crime rates have dramatically declined over time, the rising number of jobless individuals has gone in the opposite direction and have gone up. One of the most significant factors behind this growth is the causes of recidivism by state. A recidivism rate is defined as the percentage of individuals serving time for a crime who are repeat offenders. This sort of rate is very important to understand because it depicts the number of recidivism cases which are on the upswing.

There are two primary components to correctional institutions, those being mandatory sentences and using drug programs. These two components are designed to target criminal behavior. However, they also increase the probability of returning to deviant behavior examples and other causes of recidivism through the lack of the development of job skills. A person who returns to a delinquent lifestyle can further escalate their crimes because of lack of skills. Thus, a primary part of reducing recidivism includes improving job skills.

Causes of recidivism and The Curious Case of Decaress Smith

The Decaress Smith is a man who spent over 25 years of his life behind bars. And most of that time he was in a federal penitentiary. His life of crime and deviant behavior examples included over 900 burglaries. But the causes of recidivism in his life are fascinating because he is a man that has survived the crack epidemic of the 80s. He has seen firsthand in this life the results of all that hard work spent committing crimes. And the results of all his years in criminal activity ended in no successful gain whatsoever.

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Causes of recidivism – No Honor Amongst Thieves

Causes of recidivism
Causes of recidivism the corrupt Mickey Mouse

Much of the deviant behavior examples that Decaress Smith exhibited came from the betrayal of his own associates. When he was finally caught along with his associates for their long stretch of robberies, the ones who got away took all the cash and items from their heists and spent it leaving him with nothing. And in another deviant behavior example of false loyalty, one of his associates implicated him in a prostitution sting involving the now discontinued publication Backpage.

Deviant Behavior Examples and other Causes of Recidivism

Mandatory sentences and excessive force are commonly associated with punitive mechanisms utilized in prisons. However, these mechanisms aren’t the only things that lead to recidivism within correctional institutions. The evolution of social issues within prisons is also a key cause of recidivism. The most common social problems related to recidivism include the lack of job skills and unemployment, substance abuse, self-destructive behavior, and gang affiliation. These are what truly contributes to the causes of recidivism.

Causes of recidivism
Causes of recidivism – I don’t GAF anymore!

Causes of Recidivism in the life Of The Reprobate And the Repugnant

It took Decaress Smith 16 years to finally conclude that his life was going in the wrong direction. And that direction eventually would have ended his life in a Boot Hill death. Boot Hill is the resting place of the forgotten, the disregarded, and those no one cares for. It’s there where Decaress Smith says “you won’t even be buried by your name. You will be buried as a number, that’s it”.

Causes of recidivism
Causes of recidivism and deviant behavior examples

It was during that time behind bars that Decaress Smith saw firsthand the lowest levels of Depravity amongst Human beings. The bludgeoning, the raping, the rampant homosexuality, the gun play, and yes inmates somehow got guns behind bars. He witnessed It all And more with his own eyes. Human beings are at their lowest level of existence. People are completely void of sanity, reason, or logic.

Causes of recidivism
Causes of recidivism – AAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Job skill deficiencies are often the reason for recidivism in juvenile facilities. According to research conducted in correctional facilities across the United States, low job performance is the number one factor that reduces the rate of success in juvenile rehabilitation. It’s this statistic that is the number one reason behind the causes of recidivism. Low job performance could result from inadequate education, inadequate training, poor physical health, and low motivation. A lack of adequate education leads to low academic achievement, which leads to low job performance and eventually to recidivism. Similarly, insufficient training and poor physical health weaken rehabilitation efforts. Additionally, inmates are in danger of injury if they do not follow sanitary rules and safety regulations.

Causes of recidivism

Deviant Behavior Examples and Police Misconduct

Another significant cause of recidivism is excessive force. Police officers and corrections officers are often hired and placed in high-risk positions because of their physical strength, which makes them capable of apprehending violent and dangerous criminals. However, they are not equipped with proper techniques and training for handling prisoners, which contributes to an increased rate of inmate-on-prisoner violence. Parole officers are also placed in high-risk positions due to their physical strength but are not trained in basic prisoner restraint or crime scene protocol.

The most common mistake committed by correctional officers is providing a meal or water into a severely ill or injured inmate. According to research, prisoner-on-prisoner violence happens when officers fail to properly treat sick and wounded prisoners. Prisoners are often left with severe injuries and broken bones if they’re not attended to immediately. These episodes may have lasting effects on the victim, such as psychological trauma, substance abuse, or employment discrimination. Offenders that recidivate are often punished more seriously and therefore are housed in prisons with more severe levels of confinement compared to those who do not commit crimes.

Causes of Recidivism, Gender and Race

Causes of recidivism also include the number and severity of crimes committed by criminals. Women and men who commit criminal acts are more likely to become recidivated than those who do not, no matter how severe their offense may be. The rate of recidivism will also differ between generations, gender, and race. Women and men who commit crimes are more likely to be released early due to the higher chance of them getting recidivation. As a result of this, offenders who are female or younger tend to remain in jail until they’re an adult, whereas men and/or white males are more likely to commit offenses during their adult life and are therefore more likely to recidivate.

An offender’s social surroundings and/or demographics can affect whether or not he or she will commit crimes again. People that are exposed to high levels of gang activity are more likely to become recidivates. Those who reside in poverty or have a criminal background are also more likely to commit crimes because of the very low self-esteem and lack of motivation that often goes along with living in poverty. People who have access to alcohol or drugs are also more likely to commit crimes. Recognizing what causes of recidivism will help officials to design a better correctional program for recidivating offenders.

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