Black visions collective – Introducing Jeffery Deskovich

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Misconduct In Office - Introducing Jeffery Deskovich
Black Visions Collective Jeffery Deskovich YouTube

Pt 1 Black visions collective – Introducing Jeffery Deskovich

Police are considered the morals of law and order. They are trained, to protect people from Misconduct In Office, violence, and crime. Their greatest responsibility is using force.

Dispersing crowds, settling disputes, investigating problems, and making arrests, are part of their daily routines. However, using force should only be done to resolve disasters.

Not attract the public, the government, and the media from misconduct in office. Police misconduct has attracted the media’s attention for years. Many people say what has been reported on the news is nothing compared to just how much police misconduct is out there.

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Another group says that such reports have been overblown. Some people note that they have observed many times when the police have successfully resolved situations without the use of deadly force. And that they should earn the merit of recognition.

However, one thing remains true. Police misconduct has wrecked the reputation of the police and the public’s trust.

Black visions collective
Excessive force and police brutality

Black visions collective and Excessive Force

The police are only allowed to use force when necessary. Aside from that, abuse of power happens if they use excessive force with unreasonable physical and verbal assaults. When a person gets beats up for no valid reason, it’s usually Blacks, the poor, and young people. According to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, police brutality, and misconduct in the office are common in the US prison system. According to a report by the Human Rights Watch, five state prison systems allow the use of unmuzzled dogs as part of standard procedure.

Black visions collective
Misconduct In Office – Introducing Jeffery Deskovich

Black visions collective and Unlawful Arrest

An arrest pertains to the act of being held in custody for a certain period of time. Before arresting anyone, a warrant of arrest or court order must be issued with a probable reason for the arrest. Authorities may also issue an arrest warrant granted by the jurisdiction to perform police acts. However, the time limit of an arrest should only last long enough for the police to identify the correct suspect.

Black visions collective and Racism

Racial profiling is the suspicion of a person based on his/her race. By using this approach, the police identify these people as being more guilty of a crime based on their race. The reason why police use race is that they believe in the probability of a more successful search or arrest. This is how people of Middle Eastern descent receive a more thorough search in airports compared to Europeans and Americans. This is because they are usually suspected to be terrorists than any other race.

Black visions collective and Framing/Planting

The falsification of evidence is used to convict innocent people after failing to find evidence to use against them. There are those who through misconduct in office tamper with evidence to avoid the long process of collecting accurate data. There are instances when the police manipulate a crime scene by planting to justify a shoot-out. This is the reason why the handling of evidence during an investigation should be carefully executed. It is important to make sure that only a few people handle, inspect, and process evidence.

Black visions collective and Corruption

Bribery refers to financial benefits and career advancements for dropping charges and crimes committed by powerful individuals. Corruption exists in falsified evidence based on protecting someone or a group of people. Just as we know police misconduct, it is equally important to educate ourselves on our civil rights. This will protect us from abuse, discrimination, misconduct in office, and undue process.

Black visions collective and the amendments

According to the Fourth Amendment, unreasonable searches of citizen’s homes and properties are considered illegal unless a warrant or probable cause has been presented. On the other hand, the Eighth Amendment protects the citizens from any form of cruel or unusual punishment. If you have been a victim of police misconduct, immediately consult a civil rights lawyer near you. They will guide, you as to what options or legal actions you need to take in order to prove your case.

I remember my own personal experience in which the police here in New York City raided my Home. It was one of the most frightening experiences I’ve been through in my life. To think that people have the right to break into your home at any given time and put you in a situation that could easily end up with you losing your life is both traumatic, and deadly.

The craziest thing is after all had been said and done by the police, everyone inside the house was ordered to leave the premises while they conducted a search. We were ordered to return home about an hour later when they had finished. You heard me correctly!

They ordered us to leave our own homes! Obviously, this goes all the way back to the days of slavery. And the initialization of the casual killing act of 1669. It was that act that gave plantation owners the right to kill slaves at will if they deemed it necessary. And no plantation owner would ever face any repercussions for their actions.

Black visions collective
Protect Yourself

This is also why I advocate countermeasures to protect yourself against police misconduct. Equipment such as body cameras, camera glasses, hidden cameras such as ink pens, buttons, pendants, etc is excellent investments to protect yourself against police misconduct, and voracious predators. And then of course there’s always your trusty smartphone camera!

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