20 strong examples of gaslighting the domestically abused

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20 strong examples of gaslighting the domestically abused

20 examples of gaslighting. How long will you tolerate being domestically abused? This post provides an answer. I suggest you take it.

examples of gaslighting
examples of gaslighting

Are You Being Domestically Abused?

domestically abused
domestically abused

If you’re being domestically abused, you’re not alone. Many women end up in prison for being unable or unwilling to leave abusive relationships.

If you’re one of these women, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to safeguard yourself. Here are a few suggestions.

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Here are 4 examples for you below of dealing with abuse in an emergency

Examples of gaslighting – the emergency bag

  • First, make an emergency bag. Make sure you have additional clothes and keys and keep them secure.
  • Keep important documents and cash close to hand.
  • If you are able to communicate with your partner, tell them where you’re headed and how you’ll get there.
  • Use your phone with caution. Your partner could monitor your calls or bill.

Most examples of gaslighting victims and the domestically abused are young, females

Domestically abused victims are usually young women. They are less likely to have ties to their abuser, or own property.

They’re also usually isolated from friends and family. In addition, younger women are less likely to have children with their abusers.

This means that they’re more prone to examples of gaslighting. If an individual has been a victim of domestic violence, you must know what to look for.

There are many resources available to help in these situations. A visit to the emergency room is the first destination.

This is where health specialists are first to assess victims. One-third of emergency room victims are domestically abused.

A victim is able to visit a hospital within two years after the crime. Remember that the domestically abused are young, females between 20 and 24 years old.

Immigrant women make up the majority of victims

Because of their low English proficiency, immigrant women are more domestically abused. Often, the abuser is in control of the victim’s passport and documents.

The majority of domestically abused are victims of examples of gaslighting. The spouse with the legal status is usually responsible for the documents.

However, abusers sometimes fail to file their paperwork. 75% of abusive spouses don’t submit immigration papers.

A small percentage of them take at least four years to file. Many women immigrate with a good-looking relationship.

Then watch it transform into a life-threatening one. These relationships do not always have happy endings.

Domestically abused victims are unable to flee because of their immigration status. They are unable to exercise legal rights and resources.

Most victims can’t quit an abusive relationship

Many victims do not quit their abusers due to fear of finance and isolation. Some stay despite the examples of gaslighting from their partner.

The abuser persuades the victim to quit her job to conceal her pregnancy. Some victims delay leaving in fear of the reaction of friends and family.

These factors can make it difficult to leave an abusive relationship. Many find it difficult to leave their abusers, as parents.

They fear that their abuser could harm their children if they end the relationship. They fear that the abuser will take custody of their children.

They stay domestically abused because they fear being alone. Children may be scared when they are not supervised by their abuser.

Depression is the main cause of death for the majority of victims

domestically abused
domestically abused

Through examples of gaslighting victims are more likely to suffer mental disorders. Males are more likely to be incarcerated.

But women suffer depression after being domestically abused. Half of them have a history of post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol abuse.

These conditions could be indicators of a larger issue such as sexual dysfunction.

Women’s psychiatric disorders are caused by a variety of things. The most important one is an imbalance in brain chemistry.

Antidepressants can be used but they only treat the symptoms. To treat depression, women should seek out therapy.

It is recommended to seek out a female counselor who has experience with domestic abuse.

Most victims have children who are lost

Most domestically abused women don’t see their children. They protect themselves and their children from violence at home.

The children experience mental and emotional problems as they grow up. They suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and developmental delays.

They also fall prey to alcohol and drug abuse. Children exposed to domestic violence become victims themselves.

Children exposed to multiple adversities are usually unable to succeed. They may develop and then fall back.

In addition, children may face issues with their behavior, such as aggression. Leaving an abusive partner can decrease living standards.

This could also have a negative effect on children’s behavior. Causing them to blame their mother.

The majority of domestic abuse victims lose their children in the divorce. And their children could end up with abusive fathers.

Love and hate

One of the interesting topics on ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC” is ‘Lipstick Stories’. It is based on women who are domestically abused.

They have been abused by examples of gaslighting, and very aggressive men. Many women are afraid or ashamed to talk about these issues.

This is understandable because most of their abusers become deadly stalkers. A domestically abused victim should not feel shame.

Or suffer abuse in a domestic setting, like a marriage or a friendship. And it doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship with a straight or same-sex partner.

Domestic violence involves children, parents, or the elderly. The domestically abused can suffer in any form.

Here are 10 domestically abused examples

  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Emotional
  • Economic
  • Religious
  • Reproductive
  • Sexual
  • Virtual (the internet)
  • Institutional
  • Gaslighting (see section below)


Abuse such as choking, beating, female genital mutilation, and acid throwing. These may result in disfigurement or death.


These are people who don’t necessarily physically abuse you. But they will definitely verbally attack you.

They know that words can be just as devastating as physical abuse. Imagine being screamed at over the phone.

Or being shouted at with the finger in your face. imagine being judged, belittled, and looked down upon.

And none of the things they see about you is true. These are just a few of their examples of gaslighting.

For men, it’s called being castigated and emaculated.


This is an abuse of the emotionally weak. This comes from many examples of gaslighting.

This type of abuse usually comes from control freaks. Their miserable lack of self-worth comes from devaluing yours.

They judge you, look down on you, and treat you with absolute disrespect. The result is a roller coaster ride of emotions that the abuser enjoys seeing you go through.


These are the ones who will use any type of economic advantage over you. If they’re paying the rent, then they can threaten you with eviction.

They will use your job against you. They will find out everything they can about you. And use that information as a weakness against you.

Then subject you to threats against your well-being. Turning your world upside down if you don’t do their bidding.

These are particularly nefarious types of people who pretend to be your friend. But in reality, their purpose is to lower your guard.

Once you do this that’s when they strike. And once they get their teeth into you they WILL NOT let go.

Some of their primary acts are lies and deception. And once they are in your world using you?

The result will be denial, and refusal to discuss the problem. And these are just some of their examples of gaslighting.


This includes stoning, bride burning, honor killing, dowry death, and other religious examples of gaslighting.


Unlike sexual abuse, these willingly use their bodies for Reproductive purposes. Once you have a child by them they use that child against you for child support services.

They do this knowing your life will be trapped in a financial bind. A financial bind that benefits them.


This includes molestation and abusive sexual behavior. It is often done by force or by taking advantage of others.

And any behavior by any adult towards a child sexually. Behavior towards those younger than the age of consent is child sexual abuse or statutory rape.


This includes the use of technology to harass, control, monitor, stalk, or hack.


These are domestically abused in relationships and marriages. Even Jeannette Davis, co-host of ‘The Hustlers Corner NYC’ suffered marital abuse and examples of gaslighting.

And Jeannette, like so many other women, in these relationships said the same thing.

“I kept saying to myself he was sorry and I know he will change because he loves me.”

As long she believed in him, the worse their relationship became. And she kept this abuse hidden from her family, friends, and other people.

She was a bit ashamed, but she began to fight back against her now ex-husband. 

Do not let anyone hurt you if they say they love you!

examples of gaslighting

Lipstick Stories with Sandy Freese

Another sad situation is when your abuser looks at you as a target of his curse. They will promise you, then blame you, mentally and physically.

A man with low self-esteem feels he’s not strong enough to control his emotions toward a woman he supposes to ‘love’.

His threats become dangerous and deadly. A man’s mind is different from a woman’s when it comes to sensitive signals of behavior. 

Sandy Freese is an example of a woman who has suffered this type of abuse. She lived with her father who was the pastor of their church.

He also repeatedly molested her over and over. Yet one of his examples of gaslighting was to hide in the church.

This type of hypocrisy took its toll on Sandy forcing her out of her home to seek Refuge. However, her abuse didn’t stop there.

It also came from the religious indoctrination of her church. This abuse she suffered came from the examples of gaslighting of her own church.

examples of gaslighting
examples of gaslighting

Examples of Gaslighting

You might have come across some examples of gaslighting but not know exactly what it is. What makes gaslighting so dangerous?

Let’s look at the main features of gaslighting. These include trifling, dispersing, and isolating.

You can also spot signs of gaslighting before it’s too late. This post will outline 6 key aspects of gaslighting.

  • Trivializing
  • Diverting
  • Isolating
  • Distorting
  • Indulging emotions

These 6 examples above are explained below. I want you to notice how they are primarily used to avoid the truth. This is how accountability is avoided.


Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that makes you feel like your emotions aren’t important. The perp will try to undermine and convince you that you’re crazy.

The abuser will try to persuade you that you’re responsible for all the bad things in your life. Gaslighting comes from a 1930s film called Gas Light.

When you believe that someone did harm to you then you will be called emotionally unstable. The perp will minimize the events in your life and pretend they don’t understand.

They may also accuse you of insanity or question your capacity to remember things. These tactics are commonly used to manipulate and hurt you.


Another example of Gaslighting is when an abuser tries to manipulate your perspective. They will try to divert you from the truth and your emotions.

You are made to believe that you are the reason for the problem.

Gaslighters use stereotypes to make you feel guilty. In romantic relationships, stereotypes are used against you.

It will distract you from the actual reason for the discomfort. A sort of way for them to escape accountability.


This technique involves changing the subject to stop you from paying attention. You lose focus and question whether the issue is worth bringing up at all.

Stereotypes can refer to your gender, race, sexuality, age, or anything else. Anything that could be used as control over you.

Some stereotypes can be harmful in all relationships, not just heterosexual ones. Another type of gaslighting is dismissal.

This is when your concerns are dismissed with things like, “You’re being overly sensitive” or “I was just playing.”

Making you feel uneasy and overwhelmed. Gaslighters also make you feel unworthy and unimportant.


Gaslighting is a method that causes you to question your own sanity. Gaslighters pretend to be gentle, intelligent, and trustworthy.

They employ subtility to make you doubt yourself and your actions. They question everything about you.

To justify their actions, they lie or deny the truth. They create illusions about equality and justice. All while turning everyone against you.

And if you are African American, the stereotypes you face will make this Too easy. Therefore denying that aspect of who you are is a BIG mistake.

Gaslighting is a well-known abusing tactic. Gaslighting is a popular abuse tactic first mentioned in a 1938 British play.

In this play, a husband decides to put his wife in a mental hospital. He tricks her into believing that he is unstable or jealous.

He will try to convince her that she is incapable of communicating with him or giving him enough sex.

Indulging emotions

Infidelity is a powerful example of gaslighting. Infidelity occurs when one person makes you appear bad.

If you believe that he is right, he will use that to justify his behavior. In other situations, the perpetrator will try to make you feel insecure.

They will suggest that you’re not sensitive enough or too frigid. If you resist they will believe they are right.

Those who suffer from gaslighting often aren’t aware of what’s happening. The perpetrator makes it seem less serious than it actually is.

Low self-esteem, lack of joy, and isolation are common for those who suffer from gaslighting. Gaslighting can also be associated with chronic stress.

This is where Gaslighting becomes dangerous. It can lead to physical and mental health issues.

Gaslighting affects mental health and can result in depression, anxiety, and suicide. And these are all common examples of gaslighting.

Examples of gaslighting the domestically abused – final thoughts

Gaslighting is really just another form of dealing with judgemental people. And these are always people who accept no accountability for their actions.

Gaslighting really affects those who are mentally and emotionally weak. The key to dealing with gaslighting is to have a mature response for every attempt.

Here are some examples to show you what I mean.

“You ain’t never going to be nothing!”

How many times people have told you this? Do you know what my answer to this question has matured to become? Well, check this out.

“Oh yeah? Then I’m going to love watching you eat your heart out!”

Here’s another one. How many times have people told you this one?

“It’s all in your imagination.”

Do you know what my answer has evolved to be for this gaslighting question? it’s this one.

“Let’s put that theory to the test, shall we?”

How about this one. Have you ever faced this question?

“Did you ever think it might be you?”

Here is my answer to this question.

“Yes, I have. That’s when I found out that I owe you…. nothing.”

Here’s a very annoying one. You’ve probably heard this one many times before

“I thought we were friends”

Here’s my response to this annoying sentence.

“You are correct. YOU thought this!”

Here’s a hard one.

‘Its not like you care”

The next and last gaslighting question is the toughest one of all. And this one is particularly dangerous.

The reason is that people will use this one as a launching board to start terrorizing you. So be very careful answering this question.

“Do you care?”

This is the gaslighting question people will use against you as a means of gauging your humanity.

My answer to this is…

“No… do you?”

This is how you strengthen your mind and spirit against judgemental people. By taking mental and spiritual stand your ground position.

Don’t EVER let anyone make you doubt who you are. But be prepared to move on behalf of your belief in yourself. Your life may depend on it.

And make sure that one day all your haters and gaslighters patiently waiting to see you fall…

eat their freaking hearts out!

National Domestic Violence Hotline Free · Confidential · Hours: Available 24 hours call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

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