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May I ask why are you here?

Is it because of Sandy Freese? A woman who has been molested by a family member? See who that family member is here.

How about Decaress Smith? A self reformed burglar who abandoned his former life of crime? See how many burglaries he committed here.

How about James Ellis? A man incarcerated for a crime he did not commit? Check out his sentence and the crime he’s innocent of here.

How about Tequila Fletcher? A woman who managed to break into an industry dominated for decades by the Asian community. See what that industry is here.

And a lot more stories like this coming to this website. Learn how we discuss these issues affecting the black communities and other communities.

And how we break these issues down and find answers to these problems we face.

Tales From The Bid

This category showcases interviews from courageous inmates directly behind bars in their own prison cells.

Victims of the system

This category interviews with people wrongly convicted. They are those who have been victimized by a corrupt criminal justice system spending years behind bars for crimes they did not commit.

Legends Of The Hood

This category interviews people who are selfly reformed. These are people who come from many years of criminal activity only to mature to a common conclusion and outcome. A conclusion that brings them to the hard-hitting reality of absolutely no gain or benefit for their many years of crime.

The Black Business Movement

This category interviews people who are Self-employed. These are those who built their businesses from scratch and overcame many trials and tribulations to succeed.

On The Grind

This category interviews people who are performing artists. They share their stories on their backgrounds, upbringing, challenges, marketing, and passion for their craft.

Lipstick Stories

This category interviews Women only. They share their painful and traumatic stories of the trials and tribulations they have endured. And they share the hostility and violence that often accompanies those traumatic experiences. And they share how those experiences almost always change them forever.

The Rage Page

This category discusses current, trending events that directly impact the African-American community and the diaspora.

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The Hustlers Corner NYC is a Fast-growing news and content management website addressing issues that heavily affect the African-American community and the diaspora.

However, we would like to point out that it is very important to understand that we are more than willing to give issues affecting other communities, like the Asian, or White American communities a chance to share their stories as well.

We have more great guests on their way. We promise to keep you fully entertained on the edge of your seat. May I ask what is it that brought you here?

  • Is it for our “Tales from the Bid” series with stories from our guests like Ivan Kilgore who shared his story from behind prison walls?
  • Is it for our “Victim of the System” series? With stories from our distinguished guests like Rufus Rochelle, James Gibson, or Jeffrey Deskovic? All spent decades behind bars for crimes they did not commit?
  • Is it for our “Legends Of The Hood” series? Like Decaress Smith, who shared his story of 25 years in federal lockup? Or his former life of crime, which included over 900 burglaries?
  • Is it for our “On the Grind” series? Which showcase our guests like Leland “Uncle beats” Jones? Or our other guests like Bosselena? Two independent hip-hop artists, who decided to forgo the gangster rap style and successfully forge their own style?
  • Is it for our “Black Business Movement” series? A series that showcases people like our guest Tequila Fletcher? Who managed to build a successful beauty supply store in Florida despite this industry being dominated by the Asian community for so long?
  • Or perhaps it’s for our “Lipstick Stories” series? A series that showcase our guest like Sandy Freese. Who was molested by her father? Who was also, by the way, the pastor of her church?

Well then by all means please come and join us! Subscribe to our newsletter. Then we will notify you when fresh new content is immediately available! And believe me, we’ve got a LOT of new guests coming!

The Hustlers Corner NYC is a fast-growing news and content management website that addresses issues affecting the African-American community and the Diaspora. However we are not opposed to discussing issues that affect communities outside of the African-American community.

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